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Chapter Samples not necessarily in order!!
I am writing this book to answer the question in the title. I am different and unique in every way. People love that about me until they don't. When I first started to encounter people that disliked me for my success or accomplishments, it actually bothered me. I learned that it was their problem, not mine. So for all of you out there who want to know, Who the Fuck Does Rheta West Think She is Anyway ..... here we go. The good and the bad ... and the sad. Because what is most important to know is that life could throw anything at you .... ANYTHING .... and you can get past it if you really want to. 

Parenting Doesn't Come with a Handbook
What is Depression
You're not an Alcoholic if you don't Drink Before Noon ... Right?
The Time I Almost Became a Marine
Role Models & Saviors
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