The morning this article was released, my SBA loan was finally released. I was denied the forgivable PPP loan but I received the EIDL loan. At least the bills would be paid! 

I received MANY calls from people I knew, people I didn't know, government officials ... some wanted to donate, some wanted to offer advice, some wanted to offer to get my unemployment pushed through. 2 days after this article was released, my unemployment was all approved to release. 

While I am relieved that my financial burden and worries are taken care of, I urge people not to forget the root of this entire issue.... businesses that can operate within safety guidelines should be allowed to. NOW. How many other businesses weren't able to wait this out? How many are still waiting? Why are we treated like we should be thankful for the debt we are being forced to take on? The money they are just handing out would have been better used to protect the people at risk and to fund the health care community.

I didn't want the government money, I didn't want any loans. I was well prepared to float my business for a couple weeks while we flattened the curve and my government figured out how to respond to the virus. It has become excessive. It has become unnecessary. It has become violating. It is time to stop. We will have to live with this virus, there is no waiting it out. We need to be allowed to learn how to live with it. It is our American right, it is in the best interest of not only our economy but for our long term health.

My fight isn't over. My fight is merely now financially secure. I can operate under restrictions. My business, what I have put every dime I have into, what I continue to put every second of my day into, needs to be allowed to operate.

"You can't expect to get everything out of something until you are willing to put everything in." .... I am ALL in


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