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Reopen Sale

If you have been thinking of joining or if you know anyone who might benefit, I have announced a sale to non members. $25/m for 6months then it goes to regular rate of $35. I am very adament on not doing sales. This "sale" is similar to what I offered to people who first signed up for Blood Iron during the grand opening period only they got that rate for a year. I am taking NO money now! I just need to charge a penny to get the billing info into the system and membership doesn't start until the member actually starts. But they will only have up to 2 weeks from the time gyms are officially allowed to open or the spot opens back up for grabs. Anyone whose a current member and their membership ran out during the shutdown, they get their spot back first!!! But they don't count towards the 30 I'm letting in. Which is now already down to 28. So share with anyone you can think of. The person MUST arrange a time to come in to meet me if I don't already know them so I can make sure this place is a good fit for them first. I can NOT wait to get all my members back again!! And hopefully we will have more of the right kind of people too :-)

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