Raw Power Training Systems

Some of you may have seen the announcement on FaceBook that my boyfriend Shawn is moving here in April. Those of you on the app are getting the new news first ... that time line has been pushed up! I will be flying out in a couple weeks to drive back with Shawn, we will be back on Mar 13th after a meet we will stop to see. No changes will be happening with the gym other than I will have some help cleaning and organizing! I will still enforce my cap, I still need to approve memberships, I still refuse to hold zumba classes ;-) But Shawn brings years of experience with strength training and competition as well as mental health and community outreach. All wonderful things that I already strive to do with the gym. Over the next couple of weeks I will be including Shawn's info on the website, google site, Facebook, and on the app. You will soon be able to schedule training with him or online programming. Welcome Shawn Bellon with Raw Power Training Systems!!

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