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The website is being updated. Blood Iron is moving forward as more than just a gym. What started with a bit of a crazy adventurous life that led to powerlifting that led to Hercules that led to a great lifting and bodybuilding career and even more adventures all culminated into Blood Iron Barbell. Ultimately everything I was and everything I have carried with me helped shape this great, unique gym in the middle of Syracuse, NY filled with awesome lifters and some of the best friends I have ever known. One of those friends (Luke!!) recently opened my eyes to the fact that Blood Iron was a whole other realm. And Boss Bitch (me 😁) is driving the whole thing. Luke believes in Blood Iron and is helping me shape and realize its meaning for everyone else. The website now has two parts ... "the gym" and "boss bitch". Others will be added. Blood Iron is everyone from soccer moms to strippers. From convicts to doctors. The website will grow to show all the facets of Blood Iron, the TYPE of person that is Blood Iron, the adventures and the lifts. So as it grows follow, share and enjoy!! We are ALL Blood Iron Barbell!!

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Air Exchange System

There is now an air exchange system installed at Blood Iron. I was installing this originally to help keep air moving in the summer when it does get particularly warm inside. But since the whole covid

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