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Blood Iron is getting a facial ....

VERY excited about this new project that will be quite the update to the Blood Iron building. Painting of the outside of the building started today. I don't want to give any more social media updates until the final look so you are the only ones to see .... Today I got the top and bottom edges of the wall painted. They will be the red of the redrum inside. The blue door in the parking lot, the window trim in the parking lot and the overhead doors will be black. Tomorrow they pick up the new metal sign for black powder coating and I should have it back mid week. Wednesday I rent a paint sprayer to fill in the rest of the walls. The sign will go out front and will be raised away from the wall 2 inches to allow for lights to be placed behind the letters and barbell. ..... its going to be sooooo cool!!!! Thank you so much to everyone that has been helping out when needed. Jose helped me to replace the warped wood out front and today Bishop helped me paint. This might all be stuff I should have had done for the grand opening last year but to be honest, I have really enjoyed getting things shaped up with my current members in place, helping out, being a part of everything from the ground up. Thank you everyone for being in the Blood Iron family!!!

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