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As We Move Forward

As I move forward, I want to make clear my stand on the future of business .... my business. Blood Iron will remain an image of my beliefs, personality and the desire I have to create a community where people can congregate with the common goal of bettering themselves in any of a million ways. I will not alter this environment to incorporate ways for people to separate each other, I will not tolerate practices that I believe to lack common sense or that inconvenience any of us to an excessive degree. This means specifically: while I will put any policy to paper that this state asks me to, I will not enforce wearing face masks inside my walls. I will not require people to distance themselves from each other. I will not put stupid plastic walls up to keep your germs away from me. You will stay home if you are sick, you will share the chalk, you will clean up after yourself like a normal human being, if you want to come in to lift in a group or watch or participate in an event, you will deal with it if you are sitting right next to someone. It is my belief that this is all excessive and I will not participate in it. Common sense, it isn't that difficult. I post this not to sound harsh and certainly not to be disrespectful! But if you do or ever plan to come to my gym, this is how it goes. You will never be able to accuse me of beating around the bush. You should know so that you can plan accordingly. #havenoffreedom

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