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An Old Skool Neighborhood Power Gym

My name is Rheta West, I own Blood Iron Barbell. Blood Iron is where you go to bring out your best. I started at Hercules Gym in Syracuse, NY where I started growing a powerlifting group. My own powerlifting career started in 2007. Through Hercules I went on to set a total of 9 all time world records both raw and equipped and in two weight classes. I am a judge in several powerlifting federations, I would take large groups to compete at meets, I coach, I hold meets myself, I support the powerlifting community in whole. In 2018 I also earned my IFBB Pro Card in women's bodybuilding.

In December of 2018 I broke from my partner in Hercules Gym and opened Blood Iron Barbell on my own. The majority of the powerlifting members and strongman members I had came with me and an awesome old skool gym was born. Blood Iron is the proud home of powerlifters, strongman, and weight lifters. A small cardio section, specialized powerlifting and strongman equipment and the free weights and machines any weightlifter of any level could need. I hold several powerlifting meets a year, Jamie of 315 Strong holds a couple strongman contests there as well. There is a chiropractor who operates from within the gym. She is also a powerlifter and is very good at working with people who don't want to have to stop training completely to correct their physical issue.

If you would like to see the gym and discuss if you are a fit for the community it holds, contact me. I will show you around the gym and we can talk about what you are looking for and I can tell you how things run in my gym. If it's a fit, you will be a part of a very exciting and supportive environment. If you want to do your thing alone, you can. If you need a spot or want to jump in with a group, you can. But motivating things are always happening all around you.

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