Apr 3, 2019
3 rooms have been cleared of the owners things! All the current equipment
has been pulled in and laid out so we can start very selectively using it. I started putting up the primer in the equipment room because I want it to be red and they said it needs the primer first. When the last room is cleared, I will go through and just spray paint everything at once! They have started prepping the roof for the new one!!! The old gas lines were
disconnected, the old duct work and the roof top units were removed. The
new roof starts next week!! Mine and Becki's offices have been built up and I will start tape and mud tomorrow. The two new monolifts and the westside equipment will arrive within the next couple of weeks! Right now we are finishing the second bathroom to accommodate the disabled and finishing to take down old wires to make room for the painting (and just to look better!!) Mats and mirrors are being picked up within the next week. I'm probably forgetting things! So much is happening so fast now!!