Not all family shares blood ...
Family Forged in Iron
900 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, NY
Starting at 10am, going till everyone's done visiting!
Burgers and Hotdogs around 1pm
Come in and look around, talk to the owner, get a lift in, watch some people move some weight.
Enjoy the day with us!!

Buy a "Train Harder Get Stronger" bracelet and bring to the gym for
$25/m with no downpayment for the first year ... or $300 in one payment for the year
$15 Gym Tshirt or Tank

Click on an image to purchase.

This is not a "fast food gym" ... just in and out, quick, convenient and shiny. Blood Iron
is where you go when you WANT something. It does not matter where you start from or where you
currently are. This is a gym where you go to get where you want to be
With tools (aka toys!) you won't find in the average commercial gym
There are no small goals, only people
searching for a way to achieve the goals they have

You are more than a membership
Truly judgement free. We are just here to train. A real power gym for everyone from new to advanced
Gym lifting * powerlifting * bodybuilding * strongman
24 hr Access * Personal Training * Jakked Life custom apparel and merchandise

World record holders, IFBB Pros and an endless well of  knowledge and experience

Regular Membership Rates
1 Month $40
1 Year $350
1 Year Military/Law/Fire$300
First year recurring $100 down. Includes the first month, $25/m for next 11 months set up as an automatic payment
Additional year recurring $32/m set up automatic payment 

It's official!!! We are located at 900 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, NY
If you have any questions or suggestions
please feel free to contact me at or 315-440-9627
You can also follow me on Facebook at Rheta.West and
on IG at @power_lady_74 @ifbb_bossbitch @bloodironbarbell

Text the letters: PR to 33222 to subscribe to updates via text messages